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Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to Excellence Driving Academy your one stop school of motoring where you will learn to become a safe driver on the roads, and Learn great skills in driving.

We offer competitive Driving lesson, and offer great value for money to students and Learners of all age.

with 13 years of Experience as a Driving instructor you can rest assured that you will be receiving good quality structured Driving Lessons.

The main aim is to teach pupils how to become Confident drivers, and quickly develop the ability to logically plan and learn new skills in driving.  we strongly believe that this is an important requirement to become better drivers on today's demanding and challanging road conditions.

by learning to drive using the structured training method at Excellence driving academy the individual will greatly benefit from a valuable skill in driving ability for life.


You will receive excellent  quality driving lesson.

All lessons are structured and Learning targets are set  this will enable the individual to work hard and achieve their aim and objectives during their driving lesson. 

Please contact us, by using the online chat facility option for more information and to find out what we offer.

Don't delay contact today.


we have many special offers which are limited time only.

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